Jun 8

1. Watch lots of chick flicks ie: Closer, Bridget Jones 1 and 2, Terms of Endearment, etc.
2. Surf channels with glee because the remote belongs solely to me.
3. Let dishes sit in sink for a day or so.
4. Do laundry and play Broadway show tunes at high decibals and sing at the top of my lungs to every song.
5. Eat popsicles for dinner. Man, there really is something to that whole “cooking for one” theory.
6. Talk on phone for two hours to girlfriends.
7. Surf net without feeling guilty for not spending quality time with spouse.
8. Give self manicure and facials, take long bubble baths.
9. Worry about husband and wonder if he’s seeing movies that you want to see yourself, and if he’s eating at all the restaurants you can’t.
10. While sleeping alone in bed, wake up in the middle of the night disoriented and actually miss having his warm body next to yours. Realize that this whole marriage thing is not so bad, that it’s been nice to have the house to yourself for a few days but know it will be nice to have him back home, safe and sound.

Jun 4

Vin who? Nicolas who? Dave who? Right now, it is all about this guy. Gerry looks good with a mask covering his face, for God’s sake. Michael Crawford, be damned, okay not really, I actually prefer Michael’s voice over Gerard’s, BUT, in the looks department? he can haunt my opera house anytime.

Jun 2

Is it me or am I doing more “Random Rambles” lately? I can’t seem to stay focused on one topic for very long…or it could be that I’m very very lazy. I could take this moment and blame it on my depression, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do that.

Never in my entire life have I ever seen snow in June. But by God, I surely did this morning. We even took pictures to prove it, but alas, because I have this shitty dial up service here, it takes 43982473048239 days to upload one friggin’ photo, so you’ll have to use your imagination. Okay, dammit, you know what? SUMMER. HOT BALMY DAYS OF SUMMER! is my favorite season. Yes, I will rue the day I said this when I’m living in the f*cking tropics somewhere sweating my ass off to the tune of 109 degree weather and 100% humidity. But oh, as long as I’m living up here on the slope? oohhh yes, summer is DEFINITELY my favorite season now. F*ck winter.

Getting back to that whole dial up thing… How f*cked up is it that in our previous village, with only half of the town on an actual water/sewer system, driftwood shanties that served as homes for many people and extreme poverty, they had high speed internet access but in “hell or somewhere similar?”, with its actual street signs, new housing, water/sewer system, even its own fire station and police station, we only have dial up? God, the priorities.

You know, I’ve also been too busy or too pre occupied with 5000 other things to give everyone an update on my dog, which is, the poor boy is most certainly deaf. It got a little better, for about a week, but he definitely has some hearing loss. But like I said, he doesn’t really seem affected by it, but he is more cautious of his surroundings. Like if I’m walking him outside? He’s always looking back to make sure I’m right behind him. No more letting him out and trusting he’ll come back. With all this f*cking snow, that will obviously never leave, he gets really disoriented with all the white. But other than that, he’s still my spry, neurotic little man. Lord, I love that dog!

I’ve got a box of Calgon and a full tub of hot water with my name on it. I’m going to go away for a while, at least for tonight. Oh and mom? Sorry I said fuck and shit a lot tonight. Don’t worry, everyone knows you raised me better than that.

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