So tonight, I broke down and watched “The Pacifier” mainly because it has Vin Diesel in it and though I am currently infatuated with Gerard Butler? Vin will always be the consumate object of my affection.

And I must say it was…cute! I really didn’t think I could take him playing a “good guy” but frankly, he could have been playing a woman and I wouldn’t have noticed for this man is FINE AS HELL in khaki cargos and a tight white t-shirt. GOOD LAWD!

Of course, Howard and I heckled the shit out of the movie like we do all movies except for the REALLY REALLY good ones (think Mystery Science Theatre 3000), but I think he got sick of me saying “Now come over here and DO ME!” every time Vin had a scene with a grown woman. I’m sorry I just couldn’t help myself. I mean, it’s what I would say if he were standing in front of me with khaki cargos and a white t-shirt.

Alright fine, if he were standing in front of me at all.

And before you judge me? Vin is my “freebie” okay? We married/longtime committees all have a “freebie” and if you’re married/longtime committed, and don’t have one? Well you and your S.O. have a lot to talk about.

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