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So apparantly, about 70 miles northeast of us on ANWR (yes, I know you are thinking, how the fuck north can it get where you are? well it does, so shut it) a couple in their 50s was (I took three years of Advanced English PLUS three Englishes in college, you would think I’d be certain of whether or not the appropriate word is “were” or “was” but I haven’t a clue right now)killed by a Grizzly over the weekend. They were camping out, took every precaution, put all their food in bear proof containers and the bear went straight for the couple. I pray they were asleep the entire time and never realized what hit them. Sssshhhh, don’t ruin it by saying they weren’t.

Anywho, guess who was thinking of going camping next weekend? And guess who isn’t now?

Nope, I shall make my S’mores by a campfire, play my guitar a while, or rather let Chris (New white person) play my guitar a while, stare at the fire until I get tired and then get in my truck and go home and sleep. No camping out on the tundra for Miss Chrissy. Oh no. Or Howard, Ben, Kristen, Chris or Marissa if I have anything to do with it.

Okay Funny Story coming up:

Tonight while watching Six Feet Under, Howard suddenly heard what he thought was Katie.

Howard: Oh my God, is that Katie?

Me: *mouth full of salad* Huh? Where?

Howard: Outside, oh my GOD, Katie is outside!

He and I both jump up and run to the window, frantically calling for Katie and then I hear the noise too and sure enough it sounds just like a cat meowing frantically. Actually it’s the meowing that sounds like a baby’s cry. You know the one I’m talking about.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I see Katie run out from under the kitchen table and down the hallway. We sigh in relief and decide it must be the kids playing down the street.

Then we hear it again! And Howard jumps back up to see if maybe there is an injured cat outside the window or at the front door, but sees nothing.

He sits back down on the couch and I suddenly realize that in the scene we’re watching, David and Keith have just picked up Keith’s boss’s cat at the vet and it is meowing.

We are officially dumbasses.

It was the fucking cat on the TV!

We laughed uncomfortably at our own stupidity.

I then told Howard I was blogging about it tonight. So there you go!

Yesterday it was so beautiful that we got together with Kristen, Ben, Marissa and Chris and cooked Hotdogs and Hamburgers over a campgrill and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. To a person outside of Alaska, it would have been chilly but let me tell you, 55 degrees? Is pure heaven folks. I ain’t lyin’. And today was a balmy 68, and the mosquitos are starting to bite, I swear it feels like 85 degrees. I lightly sweated all throughout the day. But do you hear any complaints? Not from this nutjob.

Also, Tess? I’m sorry I rushed you off the phone ONCE AGAIN today but I so love hearing from you and you just make my whole day better. yes you certainly do. And I AM going to send you some pictures of Wrigley. He is soooooooo damn cute.

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