Blanket Toss at 6:00 Sharp

…yeah right.

Tonight, we even closed the store early because this is all that was talked about for two solid weeks. We were so excited too. We charged up the video camera, and the digital camera and arrived just a bit after 6:00pm.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited…

Until nearly 9:00pm.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like we showed up and nothing was going on, there were lots of people there, everyone was eating Muktuk (whale) and other food indigenous to the area. But mostly everyone was waiting too. They made a few announcements in Inupiat, so we had no idea what they were saying, and then everyone packed up their stuff and left. A young boy did come by, and tell us that the kids would begin warming up the blanket and stretching it out and the adults would be back in about “15 or 20 minutes”. 15 or 20 stretched into an hour and we finally gave up and left because “HELLO!” we have to be at work bright and early and none of us had eaten yet.

However, we did have a good time during those three hours of waiting. Ben and Kristen met us there and since it was freezing outside (the warm weather is teasing us yet again), we all decided to wait in the trucks. Of course, Howard and Ben, being the Conjoined twins they are, switched trucks so they could sit and talk and Kristen crawled in our truck so she and I could sit and talk. We made faces at the boys and talked about everything under the sun, realizing we have sooooo much more in common than we thought. We made fun of the people coming and going and laughed a lot. But the funniest moment was when, while sitting in the car, the most annoying child in the village came running up to the truck and started pounding on the window. And you know what we did?

We ignored her. Blatantly ignored her. She was knocking on my side of the truck and Kristen and I were laughing hysterically, completely pretending she wasn’t there and BANGING on the window. Here’s how it went:

*Annoying knocking*

Kristen: Oh God, don’t look now but it’s “Sally”

Me: Really? I’m not turning around.

Kristen: Let’s just totally ignore her! (however the idea to ignore was totally mutual, so don’t think Kristen is a heartless wench, cause she’s not)

Me: Shit, lean over and act like we’re talking to the boys in the truck.

Kristen: *laughing hysterically but not acknowledging child*

Me: *laughing hysterically and doing the same*

Kristen: We are such BITCHES, we are going to HELL!

Me: Here, turn up the radio. *realizes this is the North Slope, no radio signal*

Kristen: *tears in eyes, is laughing so hard*

Me: Okay, if I turn around and acknowlege her and then turn back around and go back to ignoring her, maybe she’ll go away.

Kristen: She can sooo hear us, I’m sure.

Me: Totally.

I then turned around and acted all surprised like “Oh, I didn’t even realize you were banging on the window!” and then turned back around and went back to ignoring her. Kristen then felt obligated to acknowlege her too and wave and pretend to want to take her picture with camera.

Kristen: Oh my God, guess what?

Me: What?

Kristen: She’s completely ignoring US now.

Me: I’m blogging about this tonight

Kristen and Me: *laugh hysterically nearly pissing ourselves*

You don’t think that’s funny? Well you should have been there. And you should live up on here on the slope where moments of insanity are common and heartless acts such as ignoring children are occasionally necessary to keep one occupied. And yes, we are still going straight to hell.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, that was even funnier reading it two hours later than it was at the time it happened! Maybe because I could picture the whole episode and totally relive it but oh my goodness! Poor Ben comes out of the shower to find me so hysterical (laughing of course) that I am bent over the keyboard with tears streaming down my face! I don’t think he knew if I was laughing or crying but once he saw what was on the screen, he started cracking up too! Maybe we didn’t see any people being tossed on (or off) a blanket, but we had a darn good time!

  2. Howard Says:

    OK. I figured it out..That was funny. Ben and I did not even know what you guys were up to. FUNNY!

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