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I got a call from Tess today, which is the first time we’ve talked, since receiving our respective gold pan awards last week. Angel that she is, just wanted to call me and tell me she loved me and hoped that I was having a good day. Could you die? I did. Love that girl. Of course, I’m always the shit that has to rush off the phone because there is always a customer glaring at me, like “how dare you talk on the phone?!…do you NOT SEE I’VE BEEN STANDING HERE FOR 15 FULL SECONDS???” Customer Service. Gotta love it. But Tess? I LOVE YOU and am so glad you think of things like that, cause Lord knows, I am the world’s worst. What would I do without you?

Pam and Howard’s mom (Jean) are having a great time, at least that’s what they are telling me. They’re not doing much, because well, there isn’t a whole lot to do. I mean. It’s Nuiqsut. There is still two feet of snow on the ground, but the ice road is not longer driveable. So, they watch a lot of movies,(Did I mention this time of year, because of the constant daylight, the satellite signals get thrown all out of whack…therefore making TV watching very difficult?) walk to the store and hang out with us a while, balk at the high price of green beans and half gallons of milk, meet some of the friendlier locals and just take it all in. I’m always worried that they are bored, but they assure me they are having a great time. I hope so. Howard and I are DEFINITELY enjoying all the southern food they are cooking. Holy heart attacks! But it is soooo damn good. My ass will be hating me by the time they leave, I promise you.

People have asked what movies I saw in Anchorage and well sadly, I only saw one in the theatre (Kingdom of Heaven, which is amazing despite its so so review in People magazine) and one we paid 9.95 for in our hotel room (Robots, which I fell in asleep in the middle of..I’m hoping it’s because I was tired.) Howard took me to Club Paris, which was rumored to have the best steak in Alaska and let me tell you, it is true. Second only to Argentine, that was the best piece of steak, I’ve ever eaten. Club Paris, ya’ll. Go if you are ever in Anchorage. We tried a Napa Valley Syrah too, which pretty much sucked and tasted a lot like coffee. Ugh. I mean, I’m not a fan of sweet wines but this was just too bitter for my pallet. Maybe it wasn’t the right choice to go with my steak. Who cares? After a few glasses, it all tastes the same anyway, right? Oh. I forgot, it’s only because we’re drunk. hee hee.

And one more thing, what’s with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise? Yes, I am one of the thousands of people who feel really awkward about their union as well. I don’t know, I’m just not feelin’ it. We’re probably all wrong, they’ll probably get married and stay married for 40 years. Picturing the two of them in bed is tough though. I keep seeing Katie and Joey and Tom as Maverick and well, you just think about it okay? And get back to me and let me know what you think.

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  1. Amy Says:

    I feel the same way about Tom and Katie…and make no bones about it.

  2. mr skin Says:

    If Tom breaks up with Katie and gets together with Angelina, we could have a new dominant power couple!

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