…and lo I am tired!

It was a surprisingly fun week. The meetings weren’t too painful, I got to see all my fellow managers and a few of my very favorites and of course, Tess.

Speaking of: I have been so smug the last few weeks because I knew she was going to get the MVP award and could NOT wait for her to get her long awaited due. In fact, on the phone several times, she mentioned not wanting to go…and of course, not wanting to give anything away…I would just say “Aw honey, come on, I’ll be there, it’ll be fun, I’ll save you a seat.” She got the award and I beamed. I mean, when the applause rose up from the room, there were several “Woo hoos!” and that just made my heart burst with joy. She deserved it. Tess is loved by way more than just me in this company and never gives herself enough credit. She got a beautiful plaque, and a wad of dough to spend however she wants.


It turns out, Tess was holding out on me. I was awarded the HR Development Award and the Rookie Manager of The Year award, as well. This was all overwhelming, especially with our recent disenchantment for the past few weeks. Tess, looked over at me with a “ha ha ha ha ha…I’ve had a secret too!” Plus, Howard’s mom and my friend Pam had just arrived and attended so it was all very teary and weepy. So a good night was had by all. And I guess Tess and I realize we’re not as clever as we thought but who cares? Well worth it.

So I’m tired because after the banquet, a whole bunch of co-workers and a few of the Anchorage staff decided to go out and celebrate and boy did we ever. Knowing full well that most of us had to be up by 5:00am, to catch early flights back to our villages, we decided to push the envelope and we all stayed in the hotel bar drinking until 2:00am.

But like I said. Well worth it. The “break” was a good thing, Jean and Pam are here, we’ve already laughed so much that my tummy muscles are sore and I’m looking forward to nine more days of this.

More later, we’re off to enlighten them.

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  1. Amy Says:

    Congrats to you too…what a wonderful thing to be surprised like that!!!

    Both you and ETS deserve your accolades I am sure…it is always nice to be recognized!

  2. Chris Says:

    Thank you Amy! It does mean a lot to be recognized, I think we’re both still in shock though. But loving it all the same!

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