Retraction and other things

I would like to retract the statement I made about Lucky being a spoiled little shit, and about him taking advantage of Howard, because ya’ll. I’m 99% sure he’s going deaf.

Deaf. My poor puppy.

He’s 12 years old, holy shit, actually 12 and half!

I noticed it when he pulled a replay of what happened on Monday morning, of me, having to run around the neighbor’s house to find him already sitting on the front porch waiting for me. I came up to him, talking to him, and noticed he was completely ignoring me. Finally when I was within two feet of him, he turned around and looked confused and startled. He never looks confused and startled around me, unless there are gun shots or fireworks going off, and that’s a rare occasion. In hindsight, when I yelled for him to come back both mornings, he never once looked back to acknowledge me. And Lucky always acknowledges me. I’m not bragging, he just always has. I’m his person, his mama, he’s very co-dependent on me. So Howard and I tested him the rest of the day with things like banging pots and pans, saying his name (to which at least his ears will always perk up) and for the most part, he couldn’t hear us unless we were within one or two feet of him and with raised voices. I am so sad for him, but it doesn’t appear to be affecting him too much. Except for being a bit confused sometimes, he’s still spry and pleasantly neurotic. But I have to say, the most devastating thing was not having him waiting for me when we came home from work tonight. Not in 12 years has he not always greeted me with the old “Boston” spring! Jumping up into the air, with a big dumb smile (yes dogs do smile) and running to grab his raw hide bone hoping I’ll play fetch with him. Tonight, I came into the house, was greeted by Katie like always but when I called Lucky, he was nowhere to be found. Katie, being the intelligent cat (and protective little sister to Lucky) she is, “meowed” and led me to the bedroom where I had to walk all the way around the bed before Lucky looked up at me from his favorite pillow on the floor. He immediately got excited to see me and went into his whole “Mommy’s HOME!” routine. I wanted to cry but he seemed okay and nonplussed about the whole deaf issue. He also just sat calmly on the couch tonight while Howard ran the vacuum cleaner, and he usually sits but also shakes violently at the loud noise. Maybe his deafness is sort of a blessing to him, but it’s a sign to me, that my puppy is getting older. We’re making sure his ears are clean and have gone back to putting antiobiotic drops in his ears to see if it makes a difference over the next few days. I guess there’s not a whole lot that I can do as long as he seems comfortable.

In other news, we are leaving for Anchorage tomorrow for the annual manager’s meeting. I’ll be in civilization for an entire week. The meetings will be long and boring, I’m sure, but I won’t be dealing with asshats and assholes! Woo hoo!

I will also get to drink heavily and SHOP! (but not at the same time) Mostly at Barnes and Noble so I can buy more books that will take me a year to read. I will also get to see Tess and at the end of the week, my friend Pam and Howard’s mom are meeting us in Anchorage and then flying back to Nuiqsut with us, because they are insane? No, because they want to hang out with us and don’t mind battling the cold and boredom to do so. So you see I am very excited about all this.

So peace out for a while, and pray that my poor dog can still hear my voice by the time we get back.

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