Reason #34214094 of why I love Howard

Tonight, we had to meet the plane because in addition to running the village store, we are also airline agents (it’s all part of the work contract and trust me, it sucks).

We already had a truckload of musical equipment that had to get on the plane because it was bumped yesterday afternoon. However, there were at least 10 schoolkids waiting to board because they were on their way to Anchorage. In addition, the principal was there, and well, he’s not a very friendly principal at all. And we’re fans of principals, trust me, so it takes a lot for me to say that.

No sooner than we’re out of the truck than the principal begins berating the pilot,


He was up in the pilot’s face, being all rude and beligerant. The pilot obviously wasn’t amused but was also shocked at the guy’s behavior.

Howard came to the pilot’s rescue, looked calmly at the principal and said:

“Look man, don’t be an asshole.”

I thought the pilot was going to jump into Howard’s arms and kiss him.

The principal, however, got in Howard’s face and said “EXCUSE ME?”

Howard, once again, calmy said “Don’t be an asshole, these pilots know what they’re doing.”

The principal attempted to get in Howard’s face and Howard gave it right back to him. Of course, the redneck in me came out and I piped up and said “Look, the airline never informed us that this was a charter flight, they told us to be at the airport to meet the plane like we always do. Do you honestly think we would have wasted our time coming up here if this was just a damn charter?”

Howard and he were still in each other’s faces. Finally, the asshole principal, realizing he wouldn’t win this battle, stammered and immediately apologized.

And you think he honestly paid 9grand for that charter? Um, I don’t think so and if he did, it didn’t come out of his own pocket.

And to the pilot’s credit, they loaded all the band equipment AND all the children’s luggage onto the plane.

Okay, so maybe Howard shouldn’t have said “asshole” but the guys was being one! And trust me, these kids hear way worse nowadays, and they thought it was pretty damn funny too.

I love that Howard feels comfortable speaking his mind and standing up for the underdog, at all costs, and never makes apologies for it, I envy that as I’m just codependent enough to want everyone to like me. I don’t want to make waves or press anyone’s buttons, but instead let it all fester inside when I see an injustice being done, and then look completely psychotic when it finally does come out. It isn’t healthy and I’m so glad at least one of us, has the courage to not care what other people think.

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