Random Rambles

(In my best southern drawl) OH MY GOD YA’LL, today I got the same question twice, want to know what it was?

customer:”Do you have $7 calling cards?”

Me:”No, but we have $35 calling cards.”

customer:”How much are they?”

Me:*Blank stare and blinks* “Um…$35 dollars?”

I am also very excited because it has been well above zero for over a week now. I could just squeal, and in fact, have. The high today was 36 and for up here? That’s is f*cking awesome! The snow’s a meltin’ and I’m hoping it helps my depression.

We’re also getting 23 hours of daylight already. Howard put aluminum foil on our bedroom windows and now we look like we live in a crackhouse but do you see concern here? Um no.

The village is having a big spring festival over the weekend and Howard and I were asked to be judges in a few of the contests, so that was flattering considering we were convinced about 90 percent of the people here hate our guts. They’ve probably got something sinister planned or that could be my depression talking. Meh, who knows?

My favorite village elder grabbed me today, gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek and asked me if I’d teach him to dance at the festival this weekend (they hire a band out of Fairbanks to play), I told him yes and kissed his cheek right back. I love sweet people like that. Makes me miss the south, it really does.

And last but not least I found my first f*cking grey hair. Okay, I lied it was my second. In a week. I must get out of this hellhole and soon. Place is making me crazy.

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