Out of touch

Apparantly, my beautiful state had not one earthquake but two. But how do I find out these things?

CNN? No.
Yahoo? Wrong again, dudes.

By reading my good friend’s blog, that’s how. Pathetic? Just a bit.

Today, I’ve managed to sleep, eat brunch around noon…and though I did sit on the couch with the hubby and the dog and while petting the dog, did indeed ask him if mommy washing the dishes and then giving him a bath sounded like a good idea? I didn’t do any of that shit. I got up off my ass, immediately felt all sleepy from the yummy brunch Howard cooked and announced that I was going to take a nap.

A nap, even though I only woke up like an hour before.

I then, grabbed my headphones, put in my Kimberley Locke cd, crawled between expensive high thread count sheets, and crashed for like three more hours.

And I would have slept longer if Howard hadn’t woke me up asking if I wanted to go to the oil fields and have free prime rib.

Free. Prime. Rib. Um, yeah I got up.

So after gorging myself, here I am, back in my pajamas and getting awfully sleepy.

Yep, I think depression is rearing its ugly head. Dr? Write me a prescription for Prozac. TV? consists mainly of SFU reruns and DVDs. I can barely tell you the pope died and that was like what? a week ago? (What’s with all my question marks anyway?)

In other rambles, I did finish “Dry” finally and loved it and I also found out that they are making a movie from “Running With Scissors”. I am dying to know who will play the part of “Poo” and the psychiatrist. I read “RWS” in the fall of 2003, right before we moved to our previous village and thought that making it into a movie would be damn near impossible. I don’t know, but I’m betting the movie is going to bomb. I’m just sayin’. Well I must go, there are dishes to be washed and a dog to be bathed and apparantly more sleep to be gotten.

The next time I complain of insomnia on this blog? Remind me of this here little ramble, will ya?

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  1. An Extraordinary woman in a mediocre life Says:

    ive been meaning to read running with scissors for ages…ill have to get round to it before the film comes out :D
    Hope you catch some lovely ZZzzz’s

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