Mar 19

Is it just me? or is Carnivale scary as hell this season? (in a good way) Last Sunday night I sat with my feet tucked under me on the couch, curled up with anticipation. I kept annoying Howard by yelling into the bedroom (where he was trying to relax and read) a play by play synopsis of what was going on. Yes, that man loves me, he does.

Also? I’m really pissed that HBO is holding out on even ANNOUNCING when the new and final season of Six Feet Under is coming.

And? The Insomnia is back. It’ll take me a good six months to destress and finally get it under control again. In the meantime, I’m going to be an absolute dream to be around.

I watched The Notebook and got all swoony during the much anticipated love scene. Okay, I cried but I think maybe it’s also the lack of sleep. Also watched Friday Night Lights and screamed right along with Howard during all the football scenes. That movie? was AMAZING!

I have over 600 photos from our vacation to download. I’ll get them downloaded sometime this century, I promise. Have I mentioned it was incredible? I have soooooo many great stories to tell.


I’m going to make you all wait until Sunday.

Mar 17

..and don’t panic, this isn’t the “mother of all blogs”. I just had to jump on here and share with you, the events of my day. Jesus mother of God, I have the worst luck.

So this morning started out particularly well, Howard and I both in affectionate and uplifted moods, in spite of being in this bleak, flat, cold as an em-effer place. We were laughing, jovial, smooching in the kitchen before we walked outside to go to work. It was fabulous, I’ll tell you. Nearly nirvana…

Until we walked outside and noticed our snowmachine had been moved. Not only moved but apparantly taken for a damn joyride. The fresh tracks were in the yard and the ignition switch had been stripped. I saw red. There was no “slow rising of emotions”. Just went from sane to psycho in a split second. Had myself a little psychotic episode right there in the damn yard and I didn’t give a flying f*ck who saw me. Well it wasn’t long after that, a neighbor came walking into our yard and told us they saw a kid trying to steal it last night.

Hold on a second.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Yeah. I wanted to continue my rant and frankly short of Howard actually grabbing me and clamping a firm hand over my mouth, I don’t exactly know what divine power kept me from screaming at the man…


..but I didn’t…maybe I was just too shocked to say anything. Left speechless, I guess.

So, we go on to work, call the police, file the report and offer a reward. I don’t have to tell you that once money is involved, sadly, a lot of people will sell their own mother for a piece of the pie and within an hour, I had an overwhelming lead. We even hit the jackpot when said lead walked into the store….Howard and I walked him outside and flat out confronted him.

Let me just say right now. Howard f*cking amazes me. That man can keep his cool and get a confession out of anyone…he should have gone on to law school like he planned. The young man denied it at first but before long Howard had him spilling his guts with absolutely no intimidation whatsoever. Just sort of did the whole “good cop” routine on him. Had it been me? Well I’d be sitting over the police station right now too.

So yeah I know the kid returned the machine and there was no real damage but don’t steal from me. I can take just about anything else but that. This would have been a good day to get drunk but it’s dry here too. It’s a friggin’ paradise here, ya’ll. A friggin’ paradise.

More later, I’m going to go snuggle with Howard. All that cop shit and kissing this morning really did me in and I’m all stressed out so see ya on Sunday.

Mar 16

..and I haven’t been so much as sniffed at by a bear. In fact? I was a little overparanoid about that whole Polar Bear thing…so I hate to blog and run…but I am. Actually I’m going to blog and sleep.

I’m just so damn happy to be back here on this wee little spot. My computer is fixed and I’m thinking this Sunday, I’ll have the energy to type a nice, long, insanely ramblicious ramble.

Jerry Garcia said it right when he sang the words…”What a loooong, strange, trip it’s been.”

Holy shit. Don’t even know where I’m gonna start but it’ll be insane, I promise.

Oh yeah and in case you haven’t noticed, Nuiqsut, has internet access.

…holdin’ that thought…

Mar 3

Hi folks!

I’m just giving you a quick update that Chris and Howard made it to Nuiqsut and they are doing fine after a little bit of a transitional state! Unfortunately, their computer has yet to arrive and, also unfortunately, the computer they were borrowing to get in the bare minimum of a ‘net fix has since been packed so, alas, Chris has not been able to get in long enough type out an update.

Also, they bemoan the fact that they were set to miss this week’s Survivor: Palau, and rather than hear Chris cry on the phone, I offered to record it for her, which I did. Now I’m just debating on whether I need to send it to her now so that she’s caught up in time to watch next week, or whether to hold on in case the cable situation isn’t yet cleared up when next Thursday rolls around and another recording will need to be made. Dilemmas, dilemmas!

She misses everyone, and will be back here as soon as she can be. I’ll be happy to pass on any messages that you leave if you’d like to.

Thanks for hanging in there!


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