A good day for sporkin…

Today was a horrific day for me.

I woke up super early and could not go back to sleep and found that Howard had been up for an hour already and so I curled up in his arms in a little ball on the couch and wished all my troubles away like I always do.

Of course, that shit never works.

He then cooked breakfast and we both took long, hot, showers and went on to work. Though I had this nagging feeling that we should just pretend the sun never rose and then turn the ringer off, lock the door, and go back to bed. It sucks to KNOW you’re going to have a bad day. You just pray to God (or whoever you pray to, if you pray at all) that you’re overreacting. I didn’t today.

Yesterday, in an attempt to defrost one of our freezers, Howard turned off the compressor to what he thought was that particular freezer. Well. It was for that freezer but also all the other freezers, including the refrigeration cooler and the produce case.

Long story short, we had to mark everything 50% off and throw out what wasn’t salvagable. You would have thought this would have made us “heroes” to the town but I swear I think I had a “hi, please shout at me and cuss me out, and watch me grit my teeth and smile right back at you” placard on my forehead.

Also? My employees were hyperventilating about not getting their paychecks in the mail. NEVERMIND that I don’t fly the damn planes that bring the mail in. They are all convinced that between myself and Tess? Well we’re just withholding their money, dammit, and it just ain’t right. I have two words for all ya’ll. DIRECT DEPOSIT. Grow up and get a f*cking bank account okay?

I sent Tess an email and angel that she is, she caught the vibe in my message, that not only did I need a tracking number so I could trace the damn Express Envelope but I also needed to vent, or I was going to go apeshit quickly. She picked up the phone and called me and I unloaded on her. I then, felt bad later because she told me she was having a bad day as well and I just ignored her problems and made the phone call all about me.

Luckily she called me back a few minutes later, because? God love the woman, she not only got me a tracking number, but she took it upon herself to trace the package. I then, asked her about her bad day and I let her unload on me. It is good to have an ally.

And selfishly? I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one having a bad day.

I gotta go, I have a big warm husband to snuggle up to and good movie on HBO to watch.

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