Perspective arrive again…

Tonight, we had dinner with the city administrator.

Yes you read that right, we have a restaurant and the city actually has an administrator. I know you’re impressed, so were we!

So anyway, she asked us questions about what we were doing before we moved here, how we liked our old village, what we did on vacation, and we were just babbling away when she smiled a half smile and asked:

“How long have you two been married?”

Howard replied:

“Almost 12 years”

Kathy then said:

“I so rarely see people who have been married that long and still act as if they are newlyweds…Howard, it is so obvious that you adore her.”

I wasn’t sure what to say…I was flattered but then I wanted to say..
“hey doesn’t it look like I adore him?”

We’ve never received a compliment like that…or in that context. We found ourselves looking at each other and blushing. I have to admit it felt good to hear her say that.

We all tend to get into a routine and before you know it, years have gone by, and the things that seemed so important when you first married, don’t seem worth the effort anymore…and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. You just know your comfort areas, you feel more secure about where you stand. It was nice to know that even though Howard and I take each other for granted at times, our love is still obvious to other people.

Okay, you can go hurl now.

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