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If someone is feeling charitable…or not even charitable, cause I’ll reimburse you the postage and everything..but if someone feels like packaging it all up and shipping it, I would really really love Plumeria body lotion from Bath and Body Works. There isn’t a store anywhere in Alaska and you can’t buy anything from their damn website. (what kind of business doesn’t have an online store?) Also? Some lotion with Shea butter. Our skin is without moisture. Dry and ashy as the day is long, ya’ll. I’d tap into my “Anchorage connection” but he can’t help me here, only when it comes to hair dye (God love him).

Any takers can leave a comment and I’ll give you the skinny on my address. No pervs (unless you’re one of my pervs) please.

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  1. Amy Says:

    I have a bath and body works store right in town…I have no problem being your personal shopper :D

    Email address? badgruv[AT]netzero.com

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