First and foremost, today is my big sister’s birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMBERLY DIANE BRANNOCK KELLER! She is going to be so pissed that I wrote her name a) in this silly little purple color (she’s pretty “no-nonsense”) and b) and revealed its entirety to all of you in blogger ville. And I get a kick out of calling her “Big” because she sure as hell lets everyone know I’m her “little” sister. Just think Kim, when you turn 40, I’ll still be in my thirties! Hee! I LOVE YOU!

We got TWO care packages today. TWO! See? I told you my friends ROCK. One was from Melanya and she knitted an ADORABLE sweater for Lucky. It fits him so perfectly and he is prancing I tell you, PRANCING! She also sent Howard the hat he’s been asking for forever and these hats are hard to come by, trust me. She also wrote that she and Alex miss us and do we ever feel the same. Living in the bush doesn’t seem near as fun without them.

The second one was from Cindy. (the one we hooked up with in DC). She sent us all kinds of cool trinkets, magnetic picture frames for our vacation pictures, silly (in a good way) little miniature Tonka trucks encased in Easter Egg thingys. and a funny card having to do with monkeys. The girl totally gets us, ya know? And I must add Cindy is so good about the whole care package thing. MUCH better than Howard or myself.

Next week is the season finale of Carnivale…and then, the long wait for my beloved SFU’s final season. For a girl who loves such lighthearted items like mini-Tonka trucks, I do love me some dark, creepy shows.

Well, it’s like I told a friend the other night. They don’t call me a nutcase for nothin’

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