…and so I return..

The vacation was fabulous but it is now over. Sadly. We did so many things, went so many places, saw so many people, had so many good times. And I wish I had more energy to go into all the “fabulous” details but I don’t. Wanna know why?


As if we weren’t remote enough, we are being transferred to an even more remote corner of Alaska. A little place called Nuiqsut. And there are Polar Bears ya’ll. I ain’t lyin’. And it is f*cking cold. And apparantly the company thinks Howard and I are the ones to turn the “fledgling store” into a real moneymaker. Boy. If they only knew. Personally? Howard and I think it’s some sort of punishment, though our boss assures us it is based on our competence that we are being shipped off to this unknown, hopefully, not so god-forsaken place. They did offer us a tantalizing package to go along with the territory and I’m glad because seriously? I would have bailed. Lived in my car. In a shelter. Flipped burgers. Whatever. Oh and I forgot to mention that we will be training future managers. Oy, what were they thinking?!

As adventurous as we are, we are apprehensive and are not ready to leave this village where we’ve made so many friends and have gotten quite comfortable. But alas…we are forging ahead with positive attitudes and open minds because frankly, we weren’t given a choice.

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  1. Tess Says:

    We took on that store after I became the … person … that I am within the company, and I know that it won’t be easy for you. However, I am fully convinced that if anyone can take that store and turn it around, it’s you two. And look on the bright side - it’s a limited time-frame, isn’t it? Plus you can still pick up the phone and call me whenever you need to blow off steam…that is, once I’ve taken it off voicemail and begin to pick up the headset again….

  2. Julie Says:

    Well just tell them to forget about it and come back to NC (wishful thinking)!! MISS YA–Julie

  3. An Extraordinary woman in a mediocre life Says:

    good to have you back :D
    and very good luck with the new position - even if it isnt what you want.

  4. Chris_in_la Says:

    Lions. Tigers. Bears. Oh MY! If anyone can handle such a situation it would be you. Who else could get themselves into something like that? On the bright side, well, I suppose there isn’t a bright side.

    No hills to climb at least.

    I would consider sending a “care package” from down here to cheer you up, but alas, stamps are so damn expensive. If you’ll mail me some I’ll try to get around to it.

    Best of luck, and if by some chance you survive without being eaten by a bear or some other such tradgedy I’ll look forward to your next e-mail or blog.

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