Well, I think I’ve just proved that I’m a lousy guest-poster, now that Chris is mere days away from returning to us and regaling us with tales of her journey and (hopefully) bombarding us with the internet equivalent of the requisite slide show. I’m putting in my request right now for a photo of the Lucky Dog as soon as he sees her through the front window on her way home from the airport! Because it’s good to leave, it’s good to have a nice vacation and all, but it’s so very, very good to be getting home and knowing that you are still loved as well!

I know you’re not reading this anyway because you come here for Chris, and if she’s not here, well, the place just isn’t the same, I know. However, because I’m hiatusing on my site for the moment aside from one particular work-related-but-non-specific rant that I needed to get out of my system and I made promises my body and mind just haven’t been keeping, here is where I’m checking in while keeping my at-home fingers flexible. Or something like that.

It’s a bad time of the year for me, which is why I’m not only infrequent here, I’m pretty much gone from most other aspects of my life. I’m sick and it’s lingering, a typical February state of being. I’m dealing with fiscal year end and answering questions that I know the answers to but don’t have the time to provide concrete proof for. And I’m dealing with the dreaded W-2 people.

Most people are nice. These are the people that responded when I asked in August to make sure their addresses were correct. These are also the people who may not have responded in August, but they called or sent e-mail or faxed faxes when I put the yellow stickers on the outside of their pay envelopes. These are also the people who read the little message on their paystub and got new addresses to me between the 25th and the 31st of December. I really, really like these people.

It’s the other ones that I’m hating right now. These are the ones that do not like the fact that this year I’m enforcing the fees for reissuance due to their laziness and stupidity. These are the people who, unhappy with my insistence, called my boss, harassed both receptionists then went on to lodge a complaint with the president. These are the people who leave me angry messages like, “I’ve been calling you every day for two weeks, so I’m finally leaving a message! You’ve better call me back!” then are never there when I call back so I leave messages with co-workers only to get another angry phone call the next morning, lather-rinse-repeat. These are people like the woman who called to icily inform me that I must be stupid because her little brother put the correct social security number on his application and yet I got it wrong on his W-2, (even though I enter from the W-4, which was damn near illegible, not the application) and she would be sure to call me on Wednesday to make sure I did my job in getting a corrected copy out as I’d promised. (She didn’t call, but I did the job anyway.) These people are the reason I had to put my phone straight to voicemail in the middle of January, because if I answered each of the 32 average per day that I get (up from 27 on Monday) I wouldn’t be able to get anything else done.

On the plus side of it all, today I learned how to fill out a W-2c and a W-3 form. I also found out that if a person has a W-2 with an incorrect SSN but everything else is correct, all that person needs to do is correct their SSN on the original W-2; the rest of the magic happens when I send the W-2c to the Social Security Administration. I’m betting that the woman on the phone insisting I reissue a W-2 for her little brother didn’t know that. I’m also betting she’s destroyed the original W-2 in anticipation of a reissued copy that she won’t be getting. And I’m then betting that I’ll charge her $15 to reissue a replacement W-2 and fax it to her. Ah, the perks of being me. However do I cope?

Also? Being sick has afforded me the perfect excuse for lying on the couch watching AI (she says, as though she needed an excuse!), and as a result I’m beginning to think that Constantine is a little bit less of a tool than I’d previously thought.

But only a smidgen less….

At least he’s cute.

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