Past the halfway point

Before you adjust your eyes or screen, yes it is me. Your Chris. Well not necessarily your Chris, unless of course there is money involved. Because I love me some money.

So, yes the vacation is halfway over and I am sad. Even though I do miss my dog, my inner bitch, you know the selfish one?…is coming up with all kinds of excuses not to come back to work. Even though I love my dog. and my cat. and Alaska.

A lot of people feel refreshed when coming off vacation or at least that´s what I´m told, and my boss is certainly hoping this lengthy vacation will do just that, but I gotta tell you, and maybe it´s that bottle of wine talking but I know for a fact, when we come back from vacation? We´re going to be depressed. There. I said it. We will not want to come back to work. Trust me. I mean, here I sit in Buenos Aires, having just consumed mass quantities of Argentine food and a wonderful bottle of wine, We´re staying at a 5 star hotel where we are treated like royalty,(I´m talking mints on the pillows, gentle knocks at our door at random, asking us if we need or want anything, it´s that good), and the weather here is phenomenal. Plus, nothing on TV is censored and I love that. I just effing love it. And they want me to feel refreshed and rejuventated? Yeah, I´ll feel just good enough to want to leave again right away! I mean, honestly people, who goes on a fabulous vacation and says things like ¨Gee golly, it´ll be great to be back home?¨ Not me, I´m telling you, if there was a way that I could just ship the dog and cat to Buenos Aires and live here forever in this hotel, I would.

Refreshed? Yeah I feel refreshed, now get me another bottle of wine and give me another massage. The only thing that will feel refreshed after this vacation will be my liver. HA!

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  1. An Extraordinary woman in a mediocre life Says:

    Good to see you again Chris.
    Friends will soon soothe away holiday pangs….

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