Please Allow my to introduce myself….

Hello there my fair rambling readers…this is not your Chris…but it is not your Tess either. My name is Amy and you can find me over at my regular hauntBadGroove. So let me start by saying: HOWDY ALL!!!!

Next order of business in this post: SURVIVOR.

I am an addict of SURVIVOR. I have faithfully watched the show since the very first season. I am the first to admit that this last season…well it kind of sucked. None the less, I am looking forward with great abandon to SURVIVOR 10: PALAU. Yet another tropical island location. Personally…I am sick of the tropical island location. Take survivor back to different locations…like Africa or Autralia. Or how about new locations: Survivor Siberia, Survivor Antartica, Survivor Greenland…you get the idea… ixnay the tropical island locale.

Brought to you by Your Guest Author: Amy

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  1. Jason Says:

    Hello there!! I am a friend and relative of Howard and Chris, so “Hi there.” I am a fellow Survivor addict as well. I just had one comment to make concerning your post. I also think they would benefit by finding some new locations as well-Survivor-Antarctica would rock, but they’ll never do it because they wouldn’t be able to show the shirtless hot guys and the bikini-clad honeys. Sadly, we’ll probably be closer to seeing Survivor:Cuba. That’s TV for you.

  2. Tess Says:

    Hi Jason—yeah…I know…people would be less likely to watch because of no scantily clad (or full on naked) people…darnation…how about the desert then?? How about: SURVIVOR MOJAVE :D


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