Missin’ Chris

Hello, all of Chris’ friends and readers that aren’t me!

I’ve been letting my duties as guest-poster slide in the last week or two, something that was brought to my attention by the receipt of a gleefully drunken e-mail from Herself this past Saturday, the first of what I hope is many! (The girl can write her some e-mail, can’t she?)

I’m Tess. We work together although not in the same city, and I have to tell you, I do so miss Herself now that she’s gone for an entire month. I love being able to just pick up the phone and give her a shout; hearing the accent is enough to buoy my spirits, but the fact that she is so cool helps even more!

Amy from Bad Groove will also be guest-posting, but she will be using my account, as something fouled up in the invite process and she did not receive access as Chris had intended. She’s an excellent guest-poster, and I’m sure that those of you who have not quit the blog until Chris comes home will not be disappointed in her leavings!

In any case, since I can’t just pick up the phone and call her anymore, I’m spending my initial post letting her know the little things that I made mental notes to tell her in these past few weeks before realizing that the communication, it would be more or less cut off, and hope that she checks in here every once in a great while. In between drinks. And sending me drunken e-mails. And I so hope she takes pictures, too!

Chris, I had a stalker at Best Buy the other day, no joke! I wasn’t wearing blue so there was no way that he could have mistaken me for an employee, and I wasn’t wearing The Magic Sweater(tm), so he hadn’t gotten trapped in the “I’m so freakin’ H-O-T-T!” field that The Magic Sweater(tm) seems to throw out, but he followed me around the store, two circuits, only working from the opposite direction so that he’d meet me at each intersection. It was kind of scary-in-a-harmless-sort-of-way, especially since the friend that I was with kept whispering, “Stalker! Two o’clock!” which means that she noticed him, too. We did, however, give him the slip when an actual employee accosted him while he was in front of the 72″ plasma screens, which (to the best of my knowledge) is the only way in which a Best Buy employee has ever bothered to help me.

Oh, and The Magic Sweater(tm)? I am fully convinced after this past weekend that it’s the best $2.99 I’ve ever spent. I’m just sayin’….

I’ve also come to the realization that we’ve reached the end of 2004 and gone beyond it, and not once did I get served with jury duty! Wooooo! I’ve been called the week after my grace period expired every single time since I turned eighteen years old! This is the first time it’s ever happened, and I am totally utterly stoked! Of course, now that I’ve mentioned it and crowed so blatantly in the face of the gods, I’m sure I’ll get a notice on it next week or something, but still…the pattern has been broken, so there’s hope of never having to serve on a jury again!

And that’s it for now, but I’ll certainly keep you guys posted whenever I hear from her again. (I would have done so now, except that all I really know is that she’s enjoying being back in NC with her friends and family, she misses her dog, and she’s had too many beers to really keep track of.)

Be back soon-

PS: I miss Howard, too.

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