How I Spent My Christmas Vacation.

So yes, I had a wonderful Christmas in spite of the lack of water among other things. Christmas Eve, Alex and Melanya came over and as Melanya and I were on the phone earlier..her idea of making black bean lasagna flew out the window as I discovered we were out of not only black beans but also tofu. So we ditched the idea and decided to just make what we make best which turned out to be…dun dun dun! Melanya’s eggrolls, my (well actually Howard’s but I made them Christmas Eve) homemade tortilla chips and mexican dip, and the trusty cabbage salad and the tres addictive dressing. Alex also made these cookies, which are, quite possibly the best f*cking cookies I’ve ever had. Seriously. They were a concoction of dried cranberries and coconut and lots of butter. Kind of like a pecan sandy only with cranberries and coconuts instead, but still the same consistency. Holy damn, they were goooooooood.

We exchanged gifts with each other and had a blast! However, during all of this, our computer “crashed” and I solicited Alex’s expertise and we spent part of our night, sitting in the spare bedroom, defragmenting our computer.

We took lots of funny pictures and laughed much and loved our gifts from each other.

Christmas Day was pretty quiet except for the phone calls with our family and a raging blizzard outside. And that is no exaggeration. The wind speeds peaked at 80mph and we thought the house was going to fly away. In fact, the old AC house which is right next door to us, lost part of its tin roof and in the midst of the flying tin, knocked our satellite out of whack and we’ve yet to get it back up and running. So we camped out in the bedroom and watched Dr. Zhivago on DVD. Alex and Melanya were supposed to come back over for a real Christmas dinner of Prime Rib, mashed potatoes, cabbage salad and more of Alex’s cookies. We were convinced they wouldn’t brave the wind and snow to get over to our side of the island but behold! they made the journey in spite of it all. Now that’s friendship people! So, we spent the night watching DVDs and chowing down…we also formed an obsession with this toy I bought for Howard, which is really a cheap flying hovercraft thingy I saw at the Discovery Store online. We must have played with that thing for a solid hour, passing around the remote, laughing and watching it hit the ceiling and crash to the ground. (Ah, it doesn’t take much to entertain us…trust me, you learn to appreciate it up here) Melanya is knitting a sweater for Lucky and spent part of the night chasing him around the room (well not really chasing but it gives you funny visual doesn’t it?) trying to fit him with the sleeves.

Howard and I were so excited to have two full days off together, we hardly knew what to do with ourselves. Our moods were upbeat even without water! Late yesterday, realizing we didn’t have enough (hauled) water to boil to properly wash dishes, we decided to bring them to the store with us (okay we did work a little bit but we were closed so it didn’t really feel like work) and wash them in the produce sink. Love that produce sink…doubles as a shower and kitchen sink. I also did my “due by Monday” paperwork and faxed in payroll. The highlight was calling the head office to leave a message for Tess about someone’s holiday pay and actually having her pick up the phone! Turned out, she was workin’ on her “day off” as well. We had a colorful, pleasant conversation, just as we always do and Howard took his first shower in the produce sink. Ah, a lovely day indeed.

We ended the night with a visit to our friends, Victor and Alberta, and tried Beluga whale and ate some dried Herring. Before you even wonder, I felt incredibly guilty about the whale…so there.

All in all, in spite of computer problems (which still aren’t fixed and apparantly I’m going to have to ship it off to Dell and have it worked on), no satellite tv, no water and no immediate family with which to spend the holiday, I’d say Christmas 2004 was pretty darn sweet.

Yes indeed.

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