Perspective Arrives

…once again…

and in the form of water. Or lack thereof.

This will be our second Christmas in this village and more importantly our second Christmas without running water.

Well, let me clarify that. Last year we really didn’t have any running water. Our water system proved faulty in these negative temps (though we still haven’t figured out what kind of crack the construction crew was smoking when they decided to put our water system OUTSIDE!) and pretty must stayed frozen until a kind man named Dave came out and saved our lives by ante-ing up a whole new system…pipes and all…on the inside. Nonetheless, this was way after Christmas and I’m digressing…anywho.

So, last year we sat on the phone with our familes, giving them the whole schpeel about what it was like and how we couldn’t wait to go on vacation and have the luxury of taking a shower everyday and flush toilets and the like….and then wished them all a Merry Christmas. It was very tough, I’ll admit. We came here pretty much urbanized. City folk, especially compared to “the bush”.

This year, we actually do have running water, but it all depends on if we get water delivered to our holding tanks by the city. And guess what? This year? the pump that actually gets the water from our truck to our holding tank is broken. And with how our tanks are set up, we can’t haul water from the store and just pour it into the tank…so…here we are…out of water. Another “waterless” Christmas. And in case you’re wondering…only half the village is plumbed on a central water/sewer system. And it’s the opposite half of the village. Everyone on this side has to install their own independent system or wait until they are hooked up to the city lines…and that’s been an odyssey in itself. See? Digressing again.

I am happy that we can, at least, flush our toilet with the water we haul but tonight we are having guests over for Christmas dinner and I’m about to boil water on the stove to wash dishes. Howard and I drove to the washeteria last night to take a hot shower and we’re grateful for that too. Tomorrow, because the washeteria is closed, the produce sink at the store will have to be our shower. Trust me. I can make it work.

But it does put things into perspective. Howard and I realize how much we take for granted. How precious just having water is. When you compare that to wishing for a new Chanel handbag, or the latest electronic gadget or toy…or that cute little pair of Manolo’s….you realize…well just how lucky you are to have the luxury of fretting over such things.

I can say that we are grateful that we’ve experienced hardships like this…while not fun…and we would prefer not to experience them if given a choice…it keeps us in check. Gives us that little nudge of “hey, it could always be worse…”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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