He/She would be turning 6.

He/She would inevitably be opening gifts from mom and dad and flashing his/her dad’s inherited dimples.

He/She would probably have brown curly hair also inherited from dad.

He/She would be wearing cute overalls with a red or blue shirt underneath.

He/She would be exclaiming to everyone that it is his/her birthday.

He/She would no doubt be displaying “high drama” moments, inherited from mom.

He/She would be begging him/her dad to go fishing.

He/She would be finicky about which slice of birthday cake we would be cutting into.

He/She would be tormenting the cat and dog.

Dog and cat would be fiercely protective of him/her.

He/She would be spoiled by the grandparents on both sides of the family.

He/She would love to read and be read to.

He/She would be getting ready to go see “SpongeBob: The Movie” with mom, dad and extended family.

He/She would be rooting around under the Christmas tree to shake gift boxes.

He/She would be wishing and hoping that Santa Claus brings exactly what he/she wished for.

He/She would hate having his/her hair combed.

He/She would have heart stopping hazel eyes inherited from Dad.

He/She would be showered with hugs and kisses on an hourly basis…and pretend to hate it, all the while secretly loving all the attention.

But all things happen for a reason…and if He/She had come to be we would have never:

Moved to Wilmington and met Cindy who…

was sisters with Katie who…

is married to Jim who…

works for AC who…

is always recruiting adventurous people to work in rural Alaska and run their retail stores who…

get to live the adventure of a lifetime.

But who would give up all of this in a heartbeat if it meant having him/her back.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Chris…..I can’t even put into words what I’m feeling but I will tell you that a few tears while reading this email with Hailey on my lap (4 years old). This wasn’t meant to be anonymous and I’m sure you know it’s Melanya but I didn’t have a blog so this was easiest. You and Howard would be such great parents but I also believe that things happen for a reason. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

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