Nov 12

I have this friend who I love dearly, we’ve known each other for roughly ten years or so.

We have this crazy, somewhat witty banter that goes back and forth albeit a little spotty at times due to time constraints and the fact that we both life. Anywho.

I ask him how he’s been and he tells me he’s okay but never has any free time.

This coming from a man who just spent ten days in Hawaii. Ten. Days. No free time? Alrighty then.

Then he has a birthday and I ask him how that was.

“it was okay”

Ten days in Hawaii people. Ten. Effing. Days. Followed by a birthday. And he ain’t nowhere near old.

And? he owns his own business, has two beautiful children and a wife who puts up with him. Not to mention, friends.

Strike you as odd? Or am I just blowing this way out of proportion?

Incidently, I love you dear friend and am glad you were born and are still around to annoy the sh*t out of me with little things like that, and many other things that would frankly take too long to mention. Think I’ll just stop here. Yeah.

Nov 12

In case, you were chomping at the bit…and you were, right?

Check out all the guest posting at ETS’s fabulous website. I think we did a great job. We rock. Yes, we certainly do.

And welcome back, ETS! Selfishly, we all missed you and bitched way too much about your being gone. (I will be dancing merrily around the fax machine whilst working on a Sunday this weekend) Damn you for taking a much needed vacation, damn you! Not really, but didn’t that look convincing?

And here’s plugging my fellow guest bloggers:
“Pepito Smith”

Who are way wittier than I ever could be so go and enjoy yourself.

Nov 11

I’ve been avoiding this for the past two weeks. “The post”…the one you have all been waiting for since hearing about the demise of my beloved. Sniff, sniff.

I did get a consoling email from my dear friend Jason who told me he just knew I was devastated when I heard the news. (Thank you sweetie, I owe you a duet in January. You pick the song, k?)


Five. Seasons.

Well better to go out on a high note than turn dead in the water, and going to desperate measures just to get decent storylines. But still. I’m sad. So very very sad.

One positive note? They began filming this week, which means I’m every bit closer to the new and final season.

And…I also found out that all the teachers are heavy into Survivor and The Amazing Race! Woo hoo! They also have a bet going on who will win Survivor. 50 bucks a person which after Howard and I each place our bets, the kitty will be up to 350 bucks. Hey, that’s a round trip ticket to Nome baby! Su-weet! I haven’t figured out who it is yet, but Howard’s betting on Sarge.

Anyway, back to being sad. So very very sad. Sniff sniff.

Nov 7

…more quick-witted banter between Julie and myself:

on the topic of her gorgeous six year old:

Julie:”He still thinks girls are gross and writes me love letters, I wish it could stay that way forever.”

Me: “I’m sure every mother does” (completely humoring her, right?)

Julie: “Then again, a 30 year old man writing love letters to his mother is kind of creepy”

Me: “Yeah, next thing you know, you’re living on a hill overlooking a hotel and stabbing women in showers.”

Julie: “Well, anything for my baby.”

A-hem…..that? Is why I love my dear friend, Julie.

Nov 6

I was IMing with my friend Julie (I have missed you girly!) and we were discussing how her 6 year old son is singing songs we used to sing in high school. She said he was in her kitchen singing:

“I like Big butts and I cannot lie” from the song “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-lot.

Now the song? is stuck in my head.

“You otha brothas can’t deny, when a girl walks in wit a iddy biddy waist and a round thing in yo’ face you get SPRUNG!”

Oy, brings back many a sweaty night, at “The Cellar” in Charlotte.

And how me and Julie used to beg every effing DJ at every effing club to play “The Humpty Dance” and they never would.

Damn DJ’s.

And Damn, we’re getting old.

Nov 1

How many of ya’ll buy Halloween candy that you love, in the hopes of having some leftover and thus having to eat the rest because this is the only time of year, you actually allow yourself to buy that fun size bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?

Just curious…

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