100 Fun facts about Chris

Since all the other bloggers are doing it, I thought I would conform so here you go:

1. I love Diet Mountain Dew
2. I like Barry Manilow (unashamed!)
3. I like to jog to rap music.
4. I believe there is not nor will there ever be, a greater, wiser man than my grandfather, may he rest in peace.
5. I’ve been dying my hair the same color for ten years now. (Actually Howard dyes it)
6. I once dyed my hair black. (terrible idea)
7. My favorite color is any shade of blue.
8. I ADORE mexican food.
9. I love Bon Jovi. Then, now and forever.
10.I like to skinny dip.
11. I detest exercise but act like it’s the greatest thing in the world.
12. I hate how I look when naked.
13. I am modest. (in spite of previous fact)
14. I love dogs, big or small and cats too!
15. I gloat when I’m right.
16. Have been diagnosed with OCD. (Shocker!)
17. Am a hopeless romantic
18. Am spoiled by husband and extremely ungrateful.
19. Am easily susceptible to guilt trips.
20. Am not as close to my family as I should be.
21. Love solitude.
22. Have watched “Gone With The Wind” at least a hundred times.
23. Have every season of “Sex and The City” on DVD.
24. LOVED the teen movies of the eighties
25. Theatre is a huge passion of mine.
26. Love hanging with gay men. (Howard says I am a “gay magnet”)
27. Feel sorry for myself a lot.
28. Though I bitch about empty cardboard rollers on the tissue roller, have done it myself several times.
29. Nervous when flying.
30. Embelish for the sake of journalism and art.
31. Like expensive things.
32. LOVE pretentious looking SUVs.
33. Am quite shallow
34. Still cry while watching “Steel Magnolias” though I’ve seen it well over 200 times.
35. Cry over Hallmark commercials.
36. Cry for no reason.
37. Throw record breaking temper tantrums
38. Lie to people just to make them feel good.
39. Worry way too much about what people think of me.
40. Sing all the time, and a lot of the times, don’t realize.
41. Have a posthumous crush on Marvin Gaye
42. Once had an erotic dream involving Alice Cooper.
43. Yes I said Alice Cooper
44. Once had an erotic dream involving Prince.
45. Once left my dog outside in the cold for four hours because I simply forgot.
46. Then spent the next week coddling him and trying to make up for being such an idiot.
47. Though I long for a child, I love the freedom of not having children.
48. I have a wonderful relationship with my mother in law.
49. Once flashed truckers on I-85 with roommate from college. (Sorry Carla!…and mom!)
50. I once cheated on a test and copied the wrong answers and flunked it with flying colors. (that was the first and last time I ever did it)
51. Was a college “ambassador” before dropping out.
52. Love Escargot
53. Have tried Chitterlings….did not like them.
54. Once fell flat on my a** in the middle school gym in front of the entire student body. (they all clapped and I stood up, bowed and pretended not to be mortified)
55. Still friends with old boyfriends. (except for the psychotic ones)
56. Am a terrible penpal…and make the tired excuses that go with the territory
57. Like Britney Spears
58. Like Bluegrass hillbilly straight out of “Deliverance” country music.
59. Adored all the hair bands of the 80’s. Still listen to their music.
60. Obsessed with Dave Matthews Band. More with Dave Matthews.
61. Lust Vin Diesel.
62. Love big, muscular, could break me in two like a stick but usually are too noble and sweet to do such a thing, type of guys.
63. I would like to have 4 children.
63. Shoe size is 9.
64. Wear glasses and prefer them over contacts and have presbyopia (means I wear bifocals)
65. Obsessed with reading.
66. Favorite clothing colors are black, dark brown, and gray.
67. Love ugly, comfortable UGG boots.
68. Like red and orange skittles
69. Have a serious addiction to chocolate (a friend got me hooked on Godiva…and nothing compares to it now)
70. Have paid 45 dollars for a pound of Godiva chocolate……for no special occasion other than the fact that I had to have it.
71. Have eaten an entire pizza by myself.
72. Let people assume this gorgeous faux red hair is really my natural color when complimented.
73. Am just co-dependent enough to want everyone to like me.
74. Am nice to everyone I meet.
75. Am psycho bitch secretly.
76. Have broken expensive things while having psychotic episodes.
77. Use bad language far too often.
78. Am an insomniac
79. In spite of insomnia, love to get 8 consecutive hours of sleep.
80. ADORE my grandmother.
81. Wear the same shoe and ring size as my 13 year old niece.
82. Am jealous of happy, non-dysfunctional families
83. Am not in contact with my father. (I know these are supposed to be “fun”)
84. LOVE Janis Joplin
85. Sometimes love animals more than people.
86. Once walked all over Manhattan in heels for a whole day. (and lived to tell about it)
87. Do not know my biological father. (different from the “father” I am not in contact with)
88. Have laughed heartily at people who trip, stumble or fall. Though I myself do it often.
89. LOVE to laugh.
90. Love to act silly, goofy, for my own amusement and for others.
91. Sing and dance in the car and usually could care less about who is watching me.
92. Last year at our annual manager’s meeting, climbed on top of a “SOBE” beverage truck and screamed “I LOVE AC AND REALLY WANT OUR BUSINESS TO GROW!” for a Shrek DVD. I wanted it that bad.
93. Almost threw up when doing the above.
94. Did the above while stone sober.
95. Have cried on the job.
96. Love roller coasters
97. Have bungee jumped and F*cking loved it.
98. Have a secret language with husband.
99. Even if I got a divorce, would probably still want to hang out with Howard because aside from being a husband, he is one of my best friends.
100. And would still hang out with his family because frankly, they rock.

4 Responses

  1. An Extraordinary woman in a mediocre life Says:

    I ticked off a fair few of those on my own mental list..maybe I just found a “net” twin…lol
    Nice blog btw

  2. Chris Says:

    …well I did say I didn’t know my biological father…
    someone as insane and quirky as me? Wouldn’t that be something to blog about?! And thank you!

  3. Kim Says:

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  4. mr skin Says:

    I recently watched Find Me Guilty with Vin Diesel and I was pretty blown away by his performance. I am not used to a non-action character for him. I expected him to flop, but he really did a great job.

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