Up on my soapbox again

I want to start a “Jonathan from the Amazing Race 6 is a prick” non-fan club. Let me tell you something…

Howard and I scream at each other, yes we’ve been known to throw things, break things, etc. However, if I were Victoria (Jonny’s wife) I’d have bitchslapped the em-effer back to reality by now. If Howard screamed at me the way, Jonny screams at Victoria, I’d be giving it right back to him. Victoria is just as frustrating to me, because she puts up with it and then cries about it later. ARGH! Makes me crazy! I’d so be kicked off the show by now. And possibly for murder. I’d be so tempted to just smother him in his sleep. Not really. I’d put up with someone like him, oh for say about a second. Then he would be holding divorce papers. I’d probably sue him for alimony just to piss him off.

What really makes me sad is that they have no physical connection, at least on the show. You don’t see the affection from them, even at the end when they’ve finished and made it to the next round of the race, they give each other high fives and jump away from each other. Even though the other couples bicker (bicker by definition and not degrading your spouse and being downright cruel to each other), in the end, they always embrace and celebrate the moment as a couple. Maybe Victoria is holding out for the money. Let’s hope so. Though you couldn’t pay me enough money to put up with that bullsh*t.

I mean, okay, I’ve had my share of psychotic episodes and Howard and I have said pretty mean things to each other, BUT we always regret it and express remorse and are always able to connect as husband and wife…I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it coming from Jonny. And don’t you dare blame it on editing. You are what you are and I don’t think any amount of editing can take that much away from your true self.

I think men and women that need to scream and degrade other people, especially their lifemate, have serious issues with themselves. It’s pretty sick to have to put other people down in order to make yourself feel good. But it is not uncommon.

Jonny boy, I’ve got two words for you:
Intense Psychotherapy

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