and in other ramblings…

The Ugg decision has been made after much thoughtful input. Turns out, the Uggs are a fashion faux pas in themselves and therefore I can wear them any friggin’ way I want to. Which is good because those references to Paris Hilton? were downright scary. Especially coming from friends of mine. And the way I want to wear them is under my jeans. So plant a big one on my (very very white) ass, fashion po-leece.

And Zach’s Quesadillas? Oh what can I say…where do I begin? Heavenly? Out of this world? Holy shit, I had to hold back eating an entire plateful. I did, however, take a plate home to eat later. Later being…maybe in just a few minutes. AND he made the shrimp ones because they are my favorite. PLUS, he summoned me to the kitchen so he could try my Buttered popcorn and Chocolate covered raisin concoction. Which by the way, he LOVED. Sound sinfully good? Well, they are, and messy too. Obviously this is not something to be eaten every night.

Zach said it all, “What beats my quesadillas, your raisinettes and popcorn and The Amazing Race?” Although I wanted to add “Oh I don’t know…a good bottle of wine? Any alcoholic beverage?”, I wholeheartedly agreed with him. And here I was being ungrateful and all.

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