Bow to me oh gluttons of Hogwarts

We had another “chili and whatever you want to bring” kind of night again. All our friends came over and it was a hodge podge of Howard’s chili and cornbread, Melanya’s vegetarian eggrolls, Zach’s mini pizzas and shrimp and cocktail sauce, Jill’s brownies drizzled with marshmallow creme and M&M’s (could you die?) and Anne’s molasses cookies. Oh and Bria’s kettle cooked popcorn.

Let me tell you were “plum stuffed”. I have a case of heartburn to prove it. But the conversation was good and in between the witty banter, we watched an encore presentation of “The Amazing Race”. We managed to morph everyone who wasn’t a fan of the show…into a fan. We rock. During this witty banter, I was chatting with Bria and Zach and casually mentioned the new Harry Potter movie arrived at the store but we couldn’t officially put it on the shelf until November 26th. This instantly made me the most popular and beloved girl in the room. Zach literally dropped down on one knee, took my hand and offered me 20 dollars to hike up to the store and get it for him.

Yeah right. 20 bucks to risk life and limb on 2 inch sheet of ice? I don’t think so. So he upped the ante a bit more:

“I’ll give you 50 bucks if you go get Harry Potter.”


“Seriously, okay how about this? 70 bucks and I’ll make and deliver a whole batch of shrimp quesadillas to your door.” (Rumor has it, he makes the world’s best shrimp quesadilla, incidently of which I am a huge fan)

“Tempting…but no, I’m too full, not even sure I could make the walk if I wanted to.”

“Okay, I’ll give you a hundred bucks, and shrimp quesadillas once a month until the end of the school year.”

I almost caved…but stuck to my guns.

“No Zach, love you but no…however, I do love this groveling, maybe I could be persuaded a bit more?”

He didn’t fall for it. But it was funny. Then he felt like an ass for groveling so much. His fault! Oh and I’m still getting quesadillas at least on Tuesday night because he thinks I rock.

(Little does he know, I am going to surprise him with said movie on Tuesday night just for being a big enough man to still make the quesadillas)

And I’m getting a haircut tomorrow courtesy of Melanya. I am in dire need because I haven’t had so much as a trim since April. Yikes. Split ends upon split ends. Thank God for pony tails and braids.

I’ll post a pic if it looks decent because I know all my thousands of readers will be on the edge of their seats. Right?!

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