Nobody says it better than mom

And so comes the motherly advice and frankly I like her idea:

“Chris I think the boots look good either way. Besides you have always had your own sense of fashion so wear them the way that you like them the best, and tell the rest of them if they don’t like it (put a sock in it) or go play in traffic.or should I say go fall through the mom”

See? I get it honest.

So yesterday, I decided to give the whole “tucked” idea a go and I hated it. I felt like it pulled my pants down and they were already “low rise waist” jeans in the first place. Plus, thick jeans tucked into these incredibly thick boots made my legs feel like I had giant rubber bands around my lower calves.


I did get many compliments because they were actually visible.

“Chris, love your boots.”

“What cute boots.”

“I like your boots.”

“Who made your boots?” (most heavy winter boots worth their salt in this area are handmade)

So, the experiment worked well for my ego but horribly for my feet. I’m still up in the air about it all. Oh, the horror, I am such an ungrateful wench to be worrying about such mundane things but nonetheless….there I go.

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