These boots are made for judgin’

After an enlightening conversation at the post office yesterday, I found apparantly, I’d been wearing my cute little Ugg boots all wrong.

Evidently, it’s all the rage to wear them outside your pants. You know, with your pants tucked in. In a panic, I raced home to find if indeed I’d committed a major fashion faux pas. I emailed my closest pals and attached a pic of both feet, one with pants tucked, one with pants over. Looks like it’s a toss-up. Here is some of the feedback:

From Jen:
“Paris Hilton wears her Uggs over her jeans…”
From Julie:
“definitely, under the jeans”
From Jason:
“I personally think you should wear them with capri pants. Then you don’t have to worry about tucking in your jeans or wearing them over the boots. Hell, you’re in Alaska, just wear them however you want to. I don’t think the fashion police are gonna fly up there to write you a ticket on wearing your jeans and uggs the wrong way. They probably couldn’t find you anyway. Hehe”
From Chris Cooke:
“wear jeans over boots……”
From Eddie:
“Girl, do you not know that tucking your pants in is very much in style. Did you not see Paris Hilton on Simple Life? All the young chicks are doing it now. Why shouldn’t you fit right in?”
From Tess who actually speaks from experience and shares this lovely state:
“Uggs are actually meant to be worn on the outside ofyour pants. Don’t ask me why. Blame Australia. You’re supposed to wear them barefoot, too. I boughtblack ones, and they stained my feet black for weeks. I always wear mine on the outside…….However, I think yours look dashing eitherway.”

Well I definitely have the whole “barefoot” thing down. These puppies are super warm and so thick, I don’t have to wear socks and don’t think I could with all that sheepskin.

And apparantly Miss Paris Hilton is doing something right.

Until more feedback is given, I’m sticking to the status quo. Thanks guys!

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