Of computers and lunch

Is it time for my vacation yet?

One of our registers at work has been down for officially one month today. And it doesn’t look as if it’s getting any better.

Now, this means that we got through the PFD season and the beginning of the month with only two registers, one of them being our customer service lane, which of course, made for lots of exasperating sighs and long lines. What could we do? Which of course, a lot of people think we can just magically blink our eyes and make everything work again.

And I hate those dumb obvious questions.

“Register still down?”

What I want to say is “No it’s working, we just aren’t using it right now, we like long lines and getting yelled at. We do it to personally annoy you.”

And then getting it worked on has been an entire odyssey in itself.
First I get it “goldstreaked” into Anchorage, which means if it can get off this island on time, it will get there the same day, which costs 40 bucks. But I do it anyway, because I really need this register.

Two days go by without one phone call from company who does all of our work.

So I call and ask about it.

“Um did you send it through the mail?”

“No, I goldstreaked it, as per YOUR instructions.”

“Oh..well…it’s probably sitting over at the freight office and no one’s been by there yet, you should have mailed it express, then it would have been delivered here.”

“I was told to goldstreak the thing.”

“Well, you shouldn’t have.”

Huh? “Again, I was going on your company’s instructions.”

“Yeah well, you’re going to have to wait until we can get over there and pick it up, I’ll give you a call as soon as we know something.”

Two more days pass.

“Okay, we got your computer today (wasted money on goldstreak) and it looks like someone’s downloaded SpyWare onto your computer.”

“Impossible, we are only connected to an company Intranet, and have no access to anything else, but nonetheless, I need it fixed and sent back to me as soon as possible, just do what you need to do.”

Almost four days later

“Okay, looks like you’ve got a problem with your harddrive, so we’re going to “goldstreak” a new computer to you, in order to expedite things.”

Two days later.

“Hi, this is Chris from AC, I was wondering if my computer went out and is on its way to me?”

“Um, let me check…well it’s ready but we haven’t taken it over to the freight office yet.”

“Well this is going on two weeks now and I really need to get this register back up and running.”

“We’ll have it out of here today, I promise.”

FINALLY, I get the computer back in my hands and Howard hooks everything back up and what do you know:

No software is downloaded onto my system. This is something they were supposed to have done. I notice a CD is in the box and I assume this has all the software on it, but I have no idea how to configure it, run it, whatever. So I call up said company AGAIN:
…”Well we knew you needed it right away so we figured you could place a “help desk” call with your company and they could help you get it all installed.”

Pissed, I hang up and place my help desk call. These are the wonderful (for the most part) guys in Winnipeg who work for our parent company. They are wizards, godlike, at least to me. And finally someone is in my corner.

“WHAT?! They sent you a new computer but no software installed?”

“Yes sir, you are correct.”

“Chris, let me call you right back, I’m calling them right now.”

Long story short, I spent the better part of my Saturday running back and forth between the software installation and the phone because cordless phones don’t work on our phone system at the store. I have to hand it to James, he stayed with me all day, even though he was manning calls from not only the Alaska stores but the 100 or so Canadian stores. But he never failed to call me back and continue on with me. Probably because I’m actually nice and gracious with these guys. I initiate casual conversation and usually give them a chuckle with how inept I am with all the technology out there. But alas, the problem was even worse, not only did they NOT have my software installed, but they also left off configurations for all the hardware that attaches to it. AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!

So James who was overly apologetic had to let me go because it was way past quitting time for him (Winnipeg is three hours ahead of us) and I had other things that needed to be done as well.

Finally today, I get another call from Reines, my other favorite “help desk guy”. For the better part of two hours, we walks me through the rest of the software installation and helps me configure all the hardware. While both of us are scarfing down lunch and chomping in each other’s ear, cracking up at having to talk with full mouths at times.



And comparing which flavor of Pringles tastes the best. lol

And it’s still not fixed but I let Howard take over because I needed to go to the post office and pick up three days worth of mail and take a short break.

I’m still pissed too, because I know I’m going to get a nice fat bill from the computer company and they will somehow justify the time I had to spend on doing THEIR job.

Ah, the utter joy. Gotta get back to work. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  1. Tess Says:

    You are not the only person who feels this way about those computer company bastages.

    Nor are you the only person who feels that way about the guys on the Help Desk.

    Hang in there, chiquita! Just a short, short while until it’s drunken e-mail time!

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