I just found another favorite show….and it was during one of those moments of extreme sloth. You know, lying on the couch on a Sunday afternoon with the dog tucked against you, the blanket wrapped tight around you and you’re still wearing your pj’s. And I was channel surfing, halfway comatose, when I came across this show and laughed so hard, Howard had to get up and go to the bedroom to finish his nap.

One reason I love it is because I am so very guilty. Or I was when I could drive a car more than 10.5 miles. And not only do I do this in the car, but I do it everywhere and with friends!

Especially with friends.

Right Jason? (Dixie Chicks ain’t got ca-ca on us)
Right Julie? (those morning drives to school and the fact that I hypnotized a big jock in the next car coming back from Hickory…and who sadly enough, is now dead, and no, that was not my fault)
Right Danielle? (Bangles and Roxette rule! Well they did in 1988, anyway)

And even with Howard. Yes, we have been known to jam in the car, sing to each other in a most godawful tone-deaf sort of way. Acting goofy mainly for our own entertainment and then getting a kick out of the people in the car next to us, thinking we’ve escaped from the local psych ward. I married well. Either that or I’ve completely corrupted him.

Anyway. New Favorite. It ain’t Six Feet Under favorite, but it’ll do for now.

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