For the past two weeks, Howard and I have been “playing tag” with the new couple working for Jerry Austin’s Adventure Company here in the village.

Alex and Malana (pronounced Muh-lahn-yuh, rhymes with Lasagne) seem only to come in the store when either I’m gone or Howard is gone. Nonetheless, we managed to make a dinner date and headed over on Sunday night!

It was absolutely wonderful to have food, not only cooked by someone else but something different altogether.

Malana, a vegetarian, which of course we’re no strangers to, made a scruptious cabbage salad with a yummy homemade dressing of Balsamic vinegar and olive oil, vegetarian eggrolls, fresh baked bread and fabulous curry dish with asparagus and mushrooms. I didn’t think I’d be able to make it out to the car. PLUS I topped it off with Mama Jean’s cheesecake (made from her recipe) which was a huge hit.

But the best part is, it turns out they are huge “foodies” too. They love anything and everything, (except for meat on behalf of Malana) and we were already making plans for future meals together. They’re coming over tomorrow night for my famous Mexican bean dip and a screening of the latest “Survivor” episode.

It was wonderful to meet new people and make more friends. We all felt like we’d known each other forever too and it made for easy conversation, plus Malana has a BA in Anthropology so she and Howard were really chatting it up.

It was also refreshing to meet a couple who didn’t think Howard and I were completely nuts for going on this adventure….and I guess they couldn’t..they got the job with Jerry after one email and flew in from California two weeks later. We couldn’t top that.

Kindred spirits, I guess, and perhaps a little “meant to be.”

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