Okay, someone called at 4:30 this morning which forced me out of my peaceful slumber….only to allow the phone to ring exactly once. Dammit, I hate that. And I know it’s a family or friend from the east coast calling and then realizing; “Oh sh*t, it’s like 4:30 in the morning there right now. ”

So then at 6:00 am, it happens again…the phone rings, precisely once. But enough to wake me. And this time, I just can’t get back to sleep so here I am.

Have I said I can’t wait until my vacation yet?

I also just realized how much flying we’re going to be doing…and well…it’s a little much for for one month.

Whew! Holy geez, but it will all be worth it. AND we will have some days in between trips. My boss was very accomodating in granting us this extended time for vacation. This was our way to see both sides of “the fam” AND take a romantic vacation for just us and lots o’ alcohol consuming. hee hee
Yes I am dragging Howard’s butt to a tango lesson while in Buenos Aires, even if it consists of him cheering me on with a hot Argentine.
Oh yeah and it’s also going to be the hottest month of the year there…so we’ll have to dress appropriately…um yeah so use your imagination on how we’re going to find suitable clothing in NC or AK in JANUARY.
I do plan to wear a bathing suit, swim in the ocean and get good and burned. God, I haven’t done that in soooo long. Oh yes and we have horseback riding planned too. And a cheap flight to Uruguay while we’re there. So that would make 14 flights, or 15 if you include the flight back.

But who’s counting, right? RIGHT?!!

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