As much as I bitch and whine about such mundane things in my life, perspective punched me square in the jaw today.

For the past 24+ hours, a horrific wind and rain storm has been pummeling our tiny island. Winds have peaked at 73 miles per hour and being we’re surrounded by ocean, the tides have been inching or “footing” their way up the shoreline. Howard and I and half the residents of our village are very fortunate to live at the island’s highest elevation, with cliffs shutting us off from the actual shore.

Another lady and her family were not so fortunate today. As I type this, her house is leaning into the ocean, the water eating away at its foundation. It’s suspected the house will not last out this storm and she will lose her home and memories before tomorrow’s sunrise. The power company was ordered to physically disconnect her house from the power lines so if the house falls into the ocean, it will not drag half the village’s powerlines along with it.

I feel incredibly frightened for her, this single mother of two teenagers. It was akin to taking a terminally ill patient off of life support. The house, now dark and the water’s edge tightening its grip, it looks haunting….resigned to its fate.

I don’t know what I would do if we lost our home. Granted most of our precious memories are in a climate controlled storage unit back in North Carolina and the company actually owns this house but it would devastate me to see it slip quietly into the sea.

So, as I sit and complain about things such as not having running water, or god forbid, sheets with less than a 1000 thread count…I’d take to hauling water again, and sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag, if it meant I could do it all in the comfort of my own home. At least I’d have that.

While most of my bitching and complaining is for my own amusement and for yours if you are so inclined, in the grand scheme of things, I have absolutely no room for whining. I’m amazingly blessed, even as I wait out this storm that I’m told is the worst storm this island has seen in 30 years. Somewhere, a lady waits with her children wondering if her home will be in the ocean tomorrow or if it will be spared.

Really makes you think.

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