I have a confession to make…when I said I didn’t step foot in the store even once on my birthday, it was a fib, lies, I tell you lies.

I actually got up at 6:00am and went to the store to do my “due by Monday morning” paperwork, and just couldn’t leave those six boxes of pop sitting on the floor so I worked it all and forced myself to retreat back to my bed at 8:00am. So there, I said it…now I feel better.

In other ramblings, I had to make another trip to the washateria to take a shower because whoever delivers water forgot to deliver it to our house on Friday. So by Sunday, we were out. When I got there, I had to stand in line in front of the window where a bunch of kids thought it was just hilarious to knock from the opposite side, see if I would turn around, and then dart out of sight. I ignored them as long as I could before I gave in and turned around…and then…out of nowhere, something came over me but God help me as I stood there and watched them pop back into view, smiling and waving, I pressed my face up against the glass, causing my face to squish up and stuck out my tongue, making them laugh.

Then I realized how many children with leaky noses did the very same thing, right where I had my face…and I promptly recoiled and wiped my imprint off of the glass with my sleeve.

Thank goodness five minutes later, I was standing under a hot shower and that shirt was balled up in the floor ready to take home and throw into the washing machine (when and if we get water on Monday, that is).

Sometimes I just have to give in to my insanity.

Hey, speaking of water, the delivery guy just pulled up…hooray!

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