The week that was….

Okay okay okay, who the HELL thought up that whole singing thing on Dateline NBC? You know the stick figure girl in the black dress, recaps the week’s events while being annoyingly animated and belting out a contrived tune of “That was the week that was…etc” at the end of every show?

I mean, I know all about marketing ploys that intentionally make cheesy commercials, jingles, ads, blotters, so that the viewer and potential consumer always remembers the product or segment. I don’t have a problem with that….for the most part.

But whatl is NBC thinking? Did they think I wouldn’t tune in next week? Or that I would? Are they trying to keep me from watching? ’cause let me tell you, if I have to put up with hearing that sh*t again, NBC won’t get their share of ratings from this household.

Howard somewhat disagrees with me, he says it’s so cheesy sometimes you’re just paralyzed and can’t take your eyes or ears away from it. I don’t buy it. I’m grabbing the remote next week and turning the friggin’ channel. I take my weekly recap of events, spoken not sung. That’s just me.

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