Ode to Amy

Here you go Tess, I found it!

And for all my other NC lunch buddies, seeing this almost made me cry (such drama I know).

Sooooo many yummy lunches, lots o’ salsa and chip consuming…and oooooh how I miss that
“Crunchy chicken salad”.

This was where I had my last lunch in Wilmington with my “separated at birth” friend, Brian.

We even went so far as to write messages and funny pictures with the date to each other on napkins and I still have mine tucked into the inner pocket of my purse.


My friend, Chrissy and I would sit on the upper level and check out the vast array of beautiful men….cause you know…hell…they’re good-looking AND have good taste.

Then again, Brian and I did the same thing….(you figure it out, okay?)

It was the “this is such a sh*tty day” refuge plus it was only a couple of blocks down from our office.

If anyone happens upon this blog and you live in the area and haven’t checked it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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