Oct 29

You won’t see much of me for two weeks, I’ll be over at Echoes doing guest blogging along with a chosen few and, well, did you honestly think I’d be ambitious enough to maintain a website (okay so it’s been over a month since I actually updated the damn thing but my intentions were solid, I swear!), my blog and then guest post on someone else’s?


Awww, I’m flattered.

But um no….I mean, come on…you think I’m that creative?

Meanwhile, check it out, so that you can see how lame I really am when compared to these uber-bloggers.

Methinks my friend was feeling sorry for me. It’s a mercy blog.

Whatever, get your butt over there and humor me.

Oct 27

Six Feet Under
Echoes of A Dream
Publisher’s Weekly
Ironic Times
I Love Alaska
Where’s George?

Oct 27

For the past two weeks, Howard and I have been “playing tag” with the new couple working for Jerry Austin’s Adventure Company here in the village.

Alex and Malana (pronounced Muh-lahn-yuh, rhymes with Lasagne) seem only to come in the store when either I’m gone or Howard is gone. Nonetheless, we managed to make a dinner date and headed over on Sunday night!

It was absolutely wonderful to have food, not only cooked by someone else but something different altogether.

Malana, a vegetarian, which of course we’re no strangers to, made a scruptious cabbage salad with a yummy homemade dressing of Balsamic vinegar and olive oil, vegetarian eggrolls, fresh baked bread and fabulous curry dish with asparagus and mushrooms. I didn’t think I’d be able to make it out to the car. PLUS I topped it off with Mama Jean’s cheesecake (made from her recipe) which was a huge hit.

But the best part is, it turns out they are huge “foodies” too. They love anything and everything, (except for meat on behalf of Malana) and we were already making plans for future meals together. They’re coming over tomorrow night for my famous Mexican bean dip and a screening of the latest “Survivor” episode.

It was wonderful to meet new people and make more friends. We all felt like we’d known each other forever too and it made for easy conversation, plus Malana has a BA in Anthropology so she and Howard were really chatting it up.

It was also refreshing to meet a couple who didn’t think Howard and I were completely nuts for going on this adventure….and I guess they couldn’t..they got the job with Jerry after one email and flew in from California two weeks later. We couldn’t top that.

Kindred spirits, I guess, and perhaps a little “meant to be.”

Oct 23

Is it terrible that I just love the song “Kyle’s mom’s a bitch” from South Park, The Movie?

Anytime I hear it, I commence to tap my feet and laugh so hard, I snort. (see Tess? I snort too!)

Then it’s stuck in my head for at least an hour.

And can you believe we went to see that movie with Howard’s mom and stepdad(who loved a good laugh and who was robbed of a damn good life, may he rest in peace)? Who, I might add, laughed hysterically right along with their insane daughter-in-law and son.

“Weeeeeeeeeelll…..Kyle’s mom’s a bitch, she’s a big fat bitch, she’s the biggest bitch in the whole wide world….”

Okay okay, I won’t do that to you.

But if you know the song, tell me it doesn’t rock!?

And it just wouldn’t be fitting if I didn’t end this ramble with

“Sca-rew you guys, I’m going home.”

(or to bed in this instance)

Oct 23

Okay, someone called at 4:30 this morning which forced me out of my peaceful slumber….only to allow the phone to ring exactly once. Dammit, I hate that. And I know it’s a family or friend from the east coast calling and then realizing; “Oh sh*t, it’s like 4:30 in the morning there right now. ”

So then at 6:00 am, it happens again…the phone rings, precisely once. But enough to wake me. And this time, I just can’t get back to sleep so here I am.

Have I said I can’t wait until my vacation yet?

I also just realized how much flying we’re going to be doing…and well…it’s a little much for for one month.

Whew! Holy geez, but it will all be worth it. AND we will have some days in between trips. My boss was very accomodating in granting us this extended time for vacation. This was our way to see both sides of “the fam” AND take a romantic vacation for just us and lots o’ alcohol consuming. hee hee
Yes I am dragging Howard’s butt to a tango lesson while in Buenos Aires, even if it consists of him cheering me on with a hot Argentine.
Oh yeah and it’s also going to be the hottest month of the year there…so we’ll have to dress appropriately…um yeah so use your imagination on how we’re going to find suitable clothing in NC or AK in JANUARY.
I do plan to wear a bathing suit, swim in the ocean and get good and burned. God, I haven’t done that in soooo long. Oh yes and we have horseback riding planned too. And a cheap flight to Uruguay while we’re there. So that would make 14 flights, or 15 if you include the flight back.

But who’s counting, right? RIGHT?!!

Oct 19

As much as I bitch and whine about such mundane things in my life, perspective punched me square in the jaw today.

For the past 24+ hours, a horrific wind and rain storm has been pummeling our tiny island. Winds have peaked at 73 miles per hour and being we’re surrounded by ocean, the tides have been inching or “footing” their way up the shoreline. Howard and I and half the residents of our village are very fortunate to live at the island’s highest elevation, with cliffs shutting us off from the actual shore.

Another lady and her family were not so fortunate today. As I type this, her house is leaning into the ocean, the water eating away at its foundation. It’s suspected the house will not last out this storm and she will lose her home and memories before tomorrow’s sunrise. The power company was ordered to physically disconnect her house from the power lines so if the house falls into the ocean, it will not drag half the village’s powerlines along with it.

I feel incredibly frightened for her, this single mother of two teenagers. It was akin to taking a terminally ill patient off of life support. The house, now dark and the water’s edge tightening its grip, it looks haunting….resigned to its fate.

I don’t know what I would do if we lost our home. Granted most of our precious memories are in a climate controlled storage unit back in North Carolina and the company actually owns this house but it would devastate me to see it slip quietly into the sea.

So, as I sit and complain about things such as not having running water, or god forbid, sheets with less than a 1000 thread count…I’d take to hauling water again, and sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag, if it meant I could do it all in the comfort of my own home. At least I’d have that.

While most of my bitching and complaining is for my own amusement and for yours if you are so inclined, in the grand scheme of things, I have absolutely no room for whining. I’m amazingly blessed, even as I wait out this storm that I’m told is the worst storm this island has seen in 30 years. Somewhere, a lady waits with her children wondering if her home will be in the ocean tomorrow or if it will be spared.

Really makes you think.

Oct 18

I have a confession to make…when I said I didn’t step foot in the store even once on my birthday, it was a fib, lies, I tell you lies.

I actually got up at 6:00am and went to the store to do my “due by Monday morning” paperwork, and just couldn’t leave those six boxes of pop sitting on the floor so I worked it all and forced myself to retreat back to my bed at 8:00am. So there, I said it…now I feel better.

In other ramblings, I had to make another trip to the washateria to take a shower because whoever delivers water forgot to deliver it to our house on Friday. So by Sunday, we were out. When I got there, I had to stand in line in front of the window where a bunch of kids thought it was just hilarious to knock from the opposite side, see if I would turn around, and then dart out of sight. I ignored them as long as I could before I gave in and turned around…and then…out of nowhere, something came over me but God help me as I stood there and watched them pop back into view, smiling and waving, I pressed my face up against the glass, causing my face to squish up and stuck out my tongue, making them laugh.

Then I realized how many children with leaky noses did the very same thing, right where I had my face…and I promptly recoiled and wiped my imprint off of the glass with my sleeve.

Thank goodness five minutes later, I was standing under a hot shower and that shirt was balled up in the floor ready to take home and throw into the washing machine (when and if we get water on Monday, that is).

Sometimes I just have to give in to my insanity.

Hey, speaking of water, the delivery guy just pulled up…hooray!

Oct 16

Okay okay okay, who the HELL thought up that whole singing thing on Dateline NBC? You know the stick figure girl in the black dress, recaps the week’s events while being annoyingly animated and belting out a contrived tune of “That was the week that was…etc” at the end of every show?

I mean, I know all about marketing ploys that intentionally make cheesy commercials, jingles, ads, blotters, so that the viewer and potential consumer always remembers the product or segment. I don’t have a problem with that….for the most part.

But whatl is NBC thinking? Did they think I wouldn’t tune in next week? Or that I would? Are they trying to keep me from watching? ’cause let me tell you, if I have to put up with hearing that sh*t again, NBC won’t get their share of ratings from this household.

Howard somewhat disagrees with me, he says it’s so cheesy sometimes you’re just paralyzed and can’t take your eyes or ears away from it. I don’t buy it. I’m grabbing the remote next week and turning the friggin’ channel. I take my weekly recap of events, spoken not sung. That’s just me.

Oct 15

My boys were not only the #1 country music album but also made the #1 pop album in the country.

Oy, that’s three scoops of yummy…plus they can sing!

Being the cynic that I am, when you can tear me away from the perpetual eyeroll, these guys make me…..well….SWOON!

Oct 14

Here you go Tess, I found it!

And for all my other NC lunch buddies, seeing this almost made me cry (such drama I know).

Sooooo many yummy lunches, lots o’ salsa and chip consuming…and oooooh how I miss that
“Crunchy chicken salad”.

This was where I had my last lunch in Wilmington with my “separated at birth” friend, Brian.

We even went so far as to write messages and funny pictures with the date to each other on napkins and I still have mine tucked into the inner pocket of my purse.


My friend, Chrissy and I would sit on the upper level and check out the vast array of beautiful men….cause you know…hell…they’re good-looking AND have good taste.

Then again, Brian and I did the same thing….(you figure it out, okay?)

It was the “this is such a sh*tty day” refuge plus it was only a couple of blocks down from our office.

If anyone happens upon this blog and you live in the area and haven’t checked it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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