I failed to mention…

All that whining about Six Feet Under and getting all morose about having nothing to watch was…well…just a flat out lie…but I didn’t mean for it to be.

I have other shows of which I’ve been a looong devotee. The shows I can always count on and there I was just going off about having “nothing to watch”.

For instance: Trading Spaces…what can I say? I’ve loved this show since it’s inception some 5 or 6 years ago…I even like it better than it’s predecessor, “Changing Rooms”. (Sorry BBC!)
Howard’s cousin Jason, who is also, my “partner in crime” and good friend knew I loved it so much that while at a trade show in Charlotte last year actually got to meet my absolute favorite designer in the world Vern Yip (which incidently is his favorite designer as well, second only to Frank, right Jason? hee hee hee) (No offense Frank, you sweetheart you, just not into chickens and cross stitch) AND he surprised me by actually getting me an autograph in the book “Behind the Scenes of Trading Spaces”. He managed to keep it all under wraps until we went back to NC last January and presented it to me at our “Welcome home” party. It stated and I quote:
“Christina! Howard!
You and Alaska Rock!
All the Best!
Vern Yip”
Jason is awesome (I can’t wait to see you guys in January!)
So that’s how much I love it and that’s how ungrateful I am, I am so sorry to Trading Spaces for my unexcusable oversight on your part. You are always there for me to curl up with on a Saturday night, AND if I get the rarity of an afternoon at home, I know I can always count on you.
I walk with my head hung in shame.

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