It’s a friggin’ Blizzard outside.

Yikes, snow in September! 7 inches! I know it’s Alaska but c’mon! Even for us, that’s early.

We’ve actually had snow since Sunday afternoon.

In other news, I finished “Little Earthquakes” (yes Tess, it’s worth every penny so go buy it now!) and am at the halfway point of “My Life”. (Damn bubba, your book is loooong!)

Also, on a totally different topic, my beloved “memaw” called me last night and told me she was eating an Ice Cream sandwich and thought of me.

Um okay….am I supposed to be flattered or offended? I didn’t dare ask. Especially since she was actually up and eating it at 1:00am her time.

Well, I get my quirks honest I guess.

What was weird was I was eating a tasty Sugar Free Popsicle when she called. Coincidence? A little ESP goin’ on? Does “The gram” know more than she’s letting on? Wouldn’t surprise me, sly fox that she is.

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  1. Tess Says:

    Done did! I ordered it…two days ago, methinks! Super-saver shipping though, so I won’t get it until mid-October, dang it! I can’t wait!

    And mother will be happy as well - she just finishd In Her Shoes and is waiting (im)patiently for Little Earthquakes!

    Is it really about a fairy princess, though? Mom doesn’t like fairy princesses.

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