More from the mouths of babes

Today, Howard covered me so I could take a lunchbreak and upon my return, out comes John, the beautiful little 5 year old who has clearly stolen my heart.

He stood at the top of the stairs on the front vestibule looking a little irritated.

“Where have you BEEN all this time?” he asked

“I was on my lunchbreak” I replied

“I was waiting for you!” he said

“Well I’m sorry John but I’m back now, what do you need sweetheart?” I asked

“Do you have a quarter?” he asked sweetly

Hmmph and here I was thinking he actually just wanted to visit with me.

As if that wasn’t enough, he follows me into the store.

“Did you dye your hair?” he asked

“Yes John, well actually Howard dyed it” I replied

“Oh..(thoughtful pause)…..YOU’RE wearing contacts!” he said

(Huh? Since when does a 5 year old know what contact lenses are?)

“No I’m not, I’m wearing glasses, why would I wear contacts if I have glasses?” I asked

“Your eyes are REALLY blue, they’re not real!” he argued

“I promise you sweetie, they are real” I said

With a thoughtful nod, he smiled at me and I reached over and straightened his hair. This kid is killing me, he’ll be lucky if he’s not kidnapped by Christmas. No matter what kind of day I’m having, he can walk in and yell my name and my heart just melts. Makes me miss my nieces and nephews so much!

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