Oh yeah…almost forgot…

Remember a couple of blogs ago when I said my kidneys would be screaming because of the Diet Mountain Dew I slugged down?

It’s happening folks, they’re screaming…a marching band is going on inside them…complete with baton twirlers, they’re having a real party.

Meanwhile I’ve got a jug of cranberry juice under one arm and a fist full of Tylenol in my hand. I can’t even bend over.

“You knew better”…says the hubby (hey what happened to that hair finger running through, towel drying prince I snuggled up to last night?)

“yeah yeah, I know I KNOW!” I replied wincing in pain.

Again, here I go doing things I know are bad for me and I still whine.

Meanwhile Howard really is sick, battling a nasty cold, so not only am I lugging the cranberry juice around like an extra appendage, I’m lugging Theraflu, Chicken soup and OJ to the hubby.

Please refer to “pathetic” comment also a few blogs ago.

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  1. Tess Says:

    Really? Honest? What does the Diet Mountain Dew do to your kidneys to be making them scream? Because I drink Code Red, and I’ve been on a pretty steady Mountain Dew diet since junior high, and, well, I don’t understand the pain part. Is it because it’s diet? Because I can understand the pain in the whole diet part of the equation.

    (Says the girl who ate a huge bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream for dinner. “They say to eat a light meal! Ice cream’s light, right? RIGHT?”)

  2. Chris Says:

    It’s not the “Diet” at all that ravages my kidneys it’s the whole carbonation+caffeine combo that my doctor has warned me about since I was a teenager.
    “NO more soft drinks young lady or you’ll wind up back here again”
    “If you come back to me with an infection again and I find out you’re drinking soft drinks, I won’t treat you anymore, I’ll drop you as a patient, missy.”
    All said by my amazing doctor that I miss very much back in NC, who has seen me since I was 5 months old, no lie. Who by the way, still hasn’t dropped me as patient.
    No, my kidneys are very sensitive, they do not process things like caffeine and carbonated liquids very well.
    But I LOVE Diet Mountain Dew, have since I was a teenager…it IS a MAJOR weakness I am usually powerless to resist.
    Bad for me, bad for my kidneys and I think I justify it because hey, no sugar, no carbs, I can just drink right up right? NOT!
    So anyway, that’s the deal.
    Don’t feel bad, Howard and I shared some Chunky Chips Ahoy cookies tonight…granted we didn’t have them as a main course…..
    Don’t worry, no judgement here. ;-)

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