Still no word from “The Mother”, she’s probably busy disowning me.

I just drowned my sorrows in Diet Mountain Dew (kidneys will be screaming at me later) and a whole (yes I said whole) bag of Snickers Popables.

Oy Vey, I am going to have to jog twice as far next week. Did I mention I went 7 (count ‘em 7) days without so much as brisk walk this week? I can feel my booty expanding as I type. Can feel those calories nestling themselves between my muscle mass…getting acquainted with some fatty tissue.

“Hi there, my name is Snickers and this is my pal DMD…yeah I know, the owner actually thinks thinks Diet drinks are better for you, boy is she a SUCKER!….speaking of, she really woofed us down today…well where I should I put my belongings? Oh right there between the hip bones? Wow, spacious…and with any luck, we can talk her into not exercising this week!”

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